Secrets to Making Money Online - An Expensive Watch and a Shiny Suit

20 Jun 2010

I don’t know about you. I used to get envious, when I look at photos of successful Internet Marketers. They would always have a gleam in their eyes. They would carry a million dollar smile. They would be attired in a new shiny suit. Best of all, most of them would be carrying a huge expensive looking watch.

I always wished that I was one of the people in those photos. Don’t you?

It was only when I met some friends who were hugely successful internet marketers, that I realized there was no secret formula to it all. Like you, these guys started off sitting at home in front of their computers. In some drastic cases, they started off with an empty bank account.

So how did they succeed? How did they transform into that successful person in those photos? There was no magic to it; almost all of them followed these basic steps to the tee.

1. Begin with a step by step system

At the beginning, most of you would have no idea where to start. Rather than reinvent the wheel, you would want to follow a proven step by step system. This allows you to pick up easily, and gives you a higher probability of success.

Once you have mastered the basic steps, you will be able to tweak them to your own preference.

2. Use simple strategies

You do not need a PhD in quantum physics to do internet marketing. If you do, you might be better off with a career in quantum physics.

Avoid complicated strategies that are time consuming to learn. You cannot get started, if you do not understand the strategy you chose. You are far better off using simple and straightforward strategies. These get you started quickly.

3. Avoid quick schemes and scams

There are numerous “get rich quick” schemes and scams on the internet. Beware of such schemes. Do not believe if anyone tells you they have a secret “get rich quick” formula. There is no such thing. Every successful and wealthy person had to work to get to where they are.

4. Focus on One Strategy

You have limited time, energy and resources. If you pursue too many strategies, you spread yourself too thin. You may end up overstretching yourself and quitting prematurely, before you achieve any results. It will take some time before you see any results. I would recommend you focus on one strategy, make it a successful one, before you proceed to the next.

5. Persevere Until You Succeed

Rome was not built in a single day. Like any endeavor, you will have your ups and downs. Internet marketing will not make you rich overnight. It is not difficult, but you do need to put in some effort. If you persevere, you can make a lot of money through internet marketing.

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