Extra Money Making Ideas Online - Review of 5 Part Time Work From Home Opportunities

20 Jun 2010

When talking about full or part time work at home opportunities, it is easy to become jaded by all of the make money promotions that sound too good to be true. It is absolutely possible to find extra money making ideas that will work, but it might be beneficial to know a little about what you are looking for. This article reviews five common opportunities.

  1. One: There are part time work at home opportunities that are best called, “Holiday or Vacation Money.” This is where you do things that only bring in minimal amounts, but you do a lot of them, and cash in once a year, giving your spending money for vacation or the holidays. These would be things like paid surveys, responding to various types of email offers, and other similar tasks.
  2. Two: Other extra money making ideas have to do with writing. There are legitimate sites where you apply to work for them, and they send you writing jobs. Most of these would require some kind of writing sample and trial period. The pay varies, if you see a range advertised, expect the lower number.
  3. Three: There are people who have become Amazon or eBay affiliates. They create a website with good information on products, and if people buy, they get a minimal commission. The more stores created, the more commissions earned. There is a definite learning curve with this, it takes some training to do.
  4. Four: This leads us directly to the most profitable of the part time work at home opportunities, and that is affiliate marketing. This is where you become a marketer, or advertiser for a product. Then you find the people online who are searching for information about whatever problem that product solves, and send them to the website for the product. If the consumer buys it, you get a commission. There is a huge learning curve to this, but in time it has the potential to turn into a full fledged part-time or full time job.
  5. Five: Similar to affiliate marketing is something called Pay Per Click. This is riskier, as you must pay close attention to the rules. These are those advertisements on the right after a search; commissions come if they click and then buy. The trick is you have to pay for each click, so you need lots of buying! Specific training is a must.

There are other legitimate extra money making ideas and programs, but these are the most common. It is important to research any program before signing up, and remember this mantra, “People pay you to work for them, you should not pay them to give you work!” Full time or part time work at home opportunities are out there. Your choice may depend on how much income you are looking to bring in.

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